Criminal Defense

Daytime Tri-Cities Legal Expert Forum: Criminal Defense

Akiah Highsmith talks with Daytime Tri-Cities about why it is so important to have representation when you are charged with a crime or being investigated for a crime. Watch the interview

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Federal Criminal Defense

If you were charged with a federal crime, you need experienced legal representation. It’s important to understand that federal charges carry with them longer prison sentences and higher fines. Federal cases are different from state …

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The Smarter Sentencing Act

The Smarter Sentencing Act, introduced by Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL), and Mike Lee (R-UT), would end unjust mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders, and would modernize federal drug sentencing policies. According to Durbin, there is …

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Anticipatory Warrants

An anticipatory search warrant is what is used when prosecutors have concrete proof that a crime will happen in the future. Anticipatory warrants are also used when police intercept contraband. These include: drugs in the …

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Do You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you’ve been indicted in federal court or you’re under investigation, make sure to hire an attorney who is a good fit for your particular case. What matters most is whether the attorney has experience …

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DUI Evidence Suppression in Tennessee

A DUI is the most severe misdemeanor that an individual can be charged with. A DUI conviction cannot be avoided by judicial diversion nor can it later be expunged from one’s record. That is one …

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