Divorce & Family Law

Daytime Tri-Cities Legal Expert Forum: Family Law & Divorce

Our own Matt Bolton and McKenna L. Cox discuss divorce and child support on Daytime Tri -Cities. If you need help with a family law matter, we can help. Call us at 423.434.4700. Watch the …

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Mediation in Tennessee

If you are considering a divorce or custody dispute in the state of Tennessee, mediation may be the furthest thing from your mind. Knowing the basics of mediation will help you navigate your life transition with confidence. During mediation, a neutral third-party mediator meets …

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Divorce & The Holidays

People may act festive during the holidays, but many individuals are only pretending to be jolly. For some, the holidays are unhappy reminders that they want to legally move on from their spouses. Plenty of …

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Financial Consequences of Divorce

When considering a dissolution of marriage, the most common question posed is, “How will divorce affect me financially?” A stable marriage is one of the best paths to maintaining and establishing wealth. Divorce is expensive. …

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Divorce Mediation in Tennessee

Every spouse considering a divorce in the state of Tennessee should know the basics of how mediation works. Though mediation is optional in Tennessee divorce law, as a practical matter it is required in almost …

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Termination of Parental Rights & Stepparent Adoption Petitions in Tennessee

Are you a stepparent wanting to adopt the child of your spouse? Stepparent adoptions can only take place when you are married to one of the birth parents and the parental rights of the other …

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How to Modify Child Custody Agreements in Tennessee

Once you’ve finalized your divorce in Tennessee, you will have the final court order that governs the terms of your divorce. Conditions typically outlined in divorce decrees in the state of Tennessee are: Functions concerning …

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Herndon, Coleman, Brading & McKee

What happens if you do not file an “Answer” in a Divorce in Tennessee?

Going through a divorce can be the most stressful and difficult time in a person’s life.  If that has become your reality, you need to know how the process works, and you need to protect …

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