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Social Security Disability Insurance: 6 Reasons Your Claim Was Denied

Every time you receive a paycheck from an employer, you have taxes withheld from that check. A portion of these taxes go toward Social Security benefits. One of the benefits offered through the Social Security …

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Divorce Mediation in Tennessee

Every spouse considering a divorce in the state of Tennessee should know the basics of how mediation works. Though mediation is optional in Tennessee divorce law, as a practical matter it is required in almost …

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Anticipatory Warrants

An anticipatory search warrant is what is used when prosecutors have concrete proof that a crime will happen in the future. Anticipatory warrants are also used when police intercept contraband. These include: drugs in the …

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Chalking Tires to Enforce Parking Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a parking enforcer who uses chalk to mark your tire to keep track of how long you’ve been parked is unconstitutional. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court …

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Conservatorship in Tennessee

A conservatorship or adult guardianship is the legal process in which an individual, following the filing of a Petition,  is selected by a Court to handle the affairs of another individual who has become incapacitated …

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How Probate Works in Tennessee

Probate is the official way an estate gets settled, which may be required after a person dies. Probate gives someone, typically the surviving spouse or child, the legal authority to gather the deceased person’s belongings, …

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How long does a personal injury lawsuit take in Tennessee?

If you have been in an accident that was caused by another party, you likely have many questions pertaining to your case. One of which is, how long will my personal injury case take? There really is …

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Tennessee Can No Longer Revoke Driver Licenses for Unpaid Fines

A September 2017 class-action lawsuit challenged the Tennessee state law that allowed officials to revoke driver licenses if they did not pay traffic fines.  In this landmark case, the federal ruling declared that individuals who …

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TN Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Tennessee

How Does it Work? How Will Missing the Deadline Limit Your Case? If you have experienced a personal injury, whether it be from a car accident or any incident where someone else has caused you …

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