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Do You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you’ve been indicted in federal court or you’re under investigation, make sure to hire an attorney who is a good fit for your particular case. What matters most is whether the attorney has experience …

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Why you should appeal if denied disability benefits

If you are unable to maintain full time, substantial employment due to a disability then you should be receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. It’s getting these benefits that can sometimes be a …

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What is Subrogation and How Will It Affect My Recovery of Personal Injury Damages?

Subrogation is the contractual right of an insurance company to recoup any money it paid on your behalf following an accident caused by another person. You are hurt in an accident, have to go to …

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How to Modify Child Custody Agreements in Tennessee

Once you’ve finalized your divorce in Tennessee, you will have the final court order that governs the terms of your divorce. Conditions typically outlined in divorce decrees in the state of Tennessee are: Functions concerning …

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DUI Evidence Suppression in Tennessee

A DUI is the most severe misdemeanor that an individual can be charged with. A DUI conviction cannot be avoided by judicial diversion nor can it later be expunged from one’s record. That is one …

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Protect Your Family with a Will & End of Life Planning

End-of-life planning isn’t something most people enjoy thinking about, but it is so critical. A new survey from shows that only 42% of U.S. adults currently have a will or living trust, and that …

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Attorney McKenna L. Cox Named a Partner

Downtown Johnson City law firm Herndon, Coleman, Brading & McKee, LLP has announced that McKenna L. Cox has been named a Partner of one of the area’s oldest law firms. Cox joins Johnathan Minga, Bradley Griffith, …

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catastrophic personal injury law in tennessee

Catastrophic Personal Injury in Tennessee

A catastrophic injury is defined under Tennessee state law as: Paraplegia or quadriplegia Amputation of both hands or feet, or one of each Third-degree burns over 40 percent of your body Similar burns up to …

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Herndon, Coleman, Brading & McKee

What happens if you do not file an “Answer” in a Divorce in Tennessee?

Going through a divorce can be the most stressful and difficult time in a person’s life.  If that has become your reality, you need to know how the process works, and you need to protect …

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