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Among our resources for providing efficient service to our clients, we value the following: the knowledge and files within the firm database accumulated during our many years of service; an extensive in-house library of legal books, journals, and periodicals; vast external research resources available through online services; and a highly efficient, experienced, competent, and dedicated support staff.

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Civil Litigation

Collectively, our civil litigation attorneys have handled thousands of litigation matters. Our law firm prides itself on the courtroom quality and experience we offer our clients. Civil litigation is the primary focus of our practice.  We have more than 130 years of combined experience in handling all types of litigation, and we commit our experience and talent to provide the advice and representation that will give our clients the best chance of reaching their goals.

Our attorneys frequently handle matters in all regional courts in the areas of business litigation; civil rights litigation; construction litigation representing owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers; business conflicts including interference with contractual relations; debt and lien enforcement; personal injury litigation; premises liability; products liability; real estate litigation; will contests and estate litigation; workers compensation; creditor rights; collection proceedings and post-judgment judicial collection measures; landlord-tenant disputes; and detainer/eviction proceedings.

Our reputation for managing difficult litigation commonly attracts referrals from other law firms and attorneys both inside and outside this geographic area. Our civil litigation attorneys approach every case knowing that it may go to trial and that preparation and communication with our clients and witnesses is extremely important to success. When we try a case in a courtroom, we try it to win.

Most any practicing litigation attorney has learned from experience that litigation is not always the best answer in every situation. Litigation involves risk, time, and expense. Usually a “cost-benefit” analysis is appropriate when evaluating cases as well. Consequently, our attorneys may advise settlement, and when settlement is preferable, our attorneys are experienced and effective in negotiating all forms of alternative dispute resolution.