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Among our resources for providing efficient service to our clients, we value the following: the knowledge and files within the firm database accumulated during our many years of service; an extensive in-house library of legal books, journals, and periodicals; vast external research resources available through online services; and a highly efficient, experienced, competent, and dedicated support staff.

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Municipal Law

Our municipal attorneys have extensive experience in serving city and county commissions, including multiple terms serving as mayor. Because municipalities have many and various responsibilities, the law in this area covers a broad range of issues. Municipal law is a mixture of ordinances, regulations, bylaws, and decisions that govern a municipality. A municipality is a city, town or local government unit, formed by municipal charter from the state as a municipal corporation. The purpose of a municipality is to govern local affairs such as zoning, the delivery of services such as water and police protection, and the administration of local departments like the school system. Local ordinances are drafted and/or enforced by governing bodies of (sometimes) elected officials such as the city council, school boards, planning boards or zoning boards. Hearings before these boards on local business or controversies are usually open to the public. Decisions on local matters may be appealed, and if they involve a federal issue, may even be heard all the way to the Supreme Court.  Our firm has experience representing clients for many years in every aspect of municipal law.