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Among our resources for providing efficient service to our clients, we value the following: the knowledge and files within the firm database accumulated during our many years of service; an extensive in-house library of legal books, journals, and periodicals; vast external research resources available through online services; and a highly efficient, experienced, competent, and dedicated support staff.

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Public & Private Utility Law

Utility law attorneys are somewhat unique to the region of East Tennessee. We offer expert advice and competent representation in the broad yet specialized area of utility law. The firm’s longstanding service in representing the Johnson City Power Board and the Watauga River Regional Water Authority is representative of what we can provide. A utility is any organization which provides services to the general public and may be publicly or privately owned, but most are operated as private businesses. Public utilities include: electric and gas; telephone; water; television and cable systems; and streetcar and bus lines. They are allowed certain monopoly rights due to the practical need to service entire geographic areas with one system, but they are regulated by state, county and/or city public utility commissions under state laws. There exists a myriad of complicated federal, state, and local governmental regulations that must be closely observed and followed, and it is imperative that utilities be well represented.  We are happy to provide this service here within the region, which eliminates a great deal of costs and expenses for our clients, as counsel from Knoxville, Tennessee or even Nashville, Tennessee would otherwise be needed.